Thursday, 16 October 2008

YOU TUBE VIDEO: Gurumu @ Seni 2007

October 2008 Gurumu Grading Results

West London Results Day: 17th October

East London Results Day: 22nd October

Good Luck To Everyone ! ! !

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

RESULTS: 2008 Ultimate Open Championship

Team Gurumu have just returned from the Ultimate Open Championship that took place at The Metro Dome Leisure Complex in Doncaster on Sunday 12th October 2008. As it was a northern regional championship, Gurumu had only taken a fairly reasonable team up to Doncaster. The team mainly consisted of our Gurumu Elite fighters and a few hand picked students to see how they cope with a more advanced championship where the standard of fighters are a lot higher.

There were some great fights from some of our pee wee (under 9 year olds) and cadet (10 – 13 year olds) fighters. There was some mind blowing performances from some of the junior fighters.

Our Junior and Senior fighters did not have a great day, they could have picked up their pace and could have done a lot better but never the less they did their best and that's what is important.

The team managed to win in total 5 Gold, 3 Silver and 6 Bronze medals lifting the 3rd Place Team Trophy.

Finally our club appreciation goes to all our coaches (Harwinder Singh, Pirabu Manickam and Manikandan Renganathan), our championship management team and all our supporters.

Here are the full medals / fighters results:

1. Amrou Greenidge
2. Viroshan Gnanapandithan
3. Humoon Afsardeir
4. Thomas Murphy
5. Vaisaly Gnanapandithan

1. Nikolajs Resetovs
2. Nithin Fransis
3. Haytham Greenidge

1. Rajveer Chana
2. Kane Atkinson
3. Brandan Agullano
4. Neeleeny Nithirajah
5. Denis Neuman
6. Michelle Saguan

1. Gurami Ghambashidze
2. Thangaeswaran Nithirajah

5 Gold Medals Won
3 Silver Medals Won
6 Bronze Medals Won
16 Fighters
14 Medals Won
29 Fights Fought
18 Fights Won
62% of Total Fights Won
10 Knockouts
1 Clear KO’s
1 Fighter Pulled Out
8 Technical Knockouts
1 Sudden Deaths
0 Sudden Deaths Won

Well done everyone.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Ultimate Championship Travel Details - 12th October 2008

Please find below the full travel details for the Ultimate Championship on the 12th October 2008.

East Ham Meeting Details:

Meeting Point: Sholam Centre (next to the Kwik Fit that is on the corner of Monega Road)
Meeting Time: 3.30 am

West Kent Meeting Details:

Meeting Point: Hammersmith Station
Meeting Time: 4.30 am

Return Time: Not too sure but it will be confirmed before leaving Mansfield.

GOOD LUCK to the entire team who are traveling to Mansfield on Sunday morning.

Gurumu Grading Details - 11th October 2008

Please find below the details for the Gurumu Grading that is taking place on the 11th October 2008.

Location: Monega Primary School, Monega Road, Manor Park, E12

Registration Time: 9.00 am on the ground floor training hall

Warm Up Start Time: 9.15 am

Grading Finish Time: By 3.00 pm but you may leave once you have completed you grading

Additional Information: Please make sure you have a clean set of uniform, your belt tied correctly and all your equipments for the grading. Also ensure that you have a Gurumu badge sewn onto your uniform.

Finally GOOD LUCK to everyone taking the Gurumu Grading.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Informations To Follow

Please keep yourself updated with the latest Gurumu news and updates via the Gurumu Blog.

Information’s to follow:

1. Ultimate Championship details
2. Gurumu Grading details
3. 2nd Gurumu Star Training
4. Gurumu Children’s Germany Open Championship Team
5. NEW: Gurumu Fighters League Table - For the first time the Gurumu League table will be made public so that you all know the official standings of each Gurumu fighter.

6. Latest from Miss Sade Adeniran's in regards to her professionally published book.

Gurumu Press Release: 2008 National Championship

Below is the article from the Newham Mag that was published this week on the success of the Gurumu Team at the 2008 British National Championships.

Click on the image to enlarge.

Gurumu Press Release: 2008 National Championship

This is the press release from the Hammersmith & Shepherds Bush Gazette Newspaper on the success of the Gurumu Team at the 2008 British National Championships.

Click on the image to enlarge.

Team Gurumu - Ultimate Open Championship (Update)

After the success of the 2008 London Open Championship, Team Gurumu are now looking forward to the Ultimate Open Championship that is due to take place on the 12th October 2008 in Mansfield.

After some excellent performances at the London Open by some of our novice fighters, the senior coaches have selected 2 more fighters to add to the Ultimate Championship team.

I am happy to announce that Nithin Fransis (East Ham Branch) and Haytham Greenidge (West Kent Branch) will be joining the team next sunday. All the best to them.


Peewee Male Novice:
1. Nithin Fransis / -21 kg

Peewee Male Advanced:
2. Amrou Greenidge / -21 kg
3. Viroshan Gnanapandithan / -24 kg

Cadet Male Novice:
4. Humoon Afsardeir / -31 kg
5. Haytham Greenidge / -35 kg
6. Thomas Murphy / -35 kg

Cadet Male Advanced:
7. Rajveer Chana / -35 kg
8. Thangaeswaran Nithirajah / -35 kg
9. Hary Sivakumar / -40 kg
10. Kane Atkinson / -45 kg
11. Brandan Agullano / -45 kg

Peewee Female:
12. Neeleeny Nithirajah / -31 kg
13. Vaisaly Gnanapandithan / -35 kg

Junior Female:
14. Michelle Saguan / -52 kg

Junior Male:
15. Denis Neuman / -73 kg

Senior Male:
16. Gurami Ghambashidze / -67 kg
17. Nikolajs Resetovs / -78 kg

1. Sivakumar Renganathan

1. Harwinder Singh
2. Pirabu Manickam
3. Manikandan Renganathan

1. Sade Adeniran

1. Sajidah Norat
2. Jayanthi Renganathan
3. Rita Pindoria
4. Shama Jahangir

Picture Update 3: 2008 London Open Championship

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Picture Update 2: 2008 London Open Championship

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Picture Update 1: 2008 London Open Championship

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RESULTS: 2008 BTCB London Open Championship

Team Gurumu have just return from the 2008 BTCB London Open Championship that took place at Tooting Leisure Centre on Sunday 5th October 2008.

As it was a regional championship, Gurumu had a very high interest by its members who wanted to compete. The team mainly consisted of novice fighters with a hand full of Gurumu Elite fighters.

The Gurumu Elite Fighters used this championship as a warm up round before they compete at the Ultimate Open Championship that is due to take place on the 12th October 2008 in Mansfield at the Metro Dome Leisure Complex.

Although the team consisted of many novice fighter, the entire squad performed exceptionally well with a lot of Star Performances from both our novice and elite fighters.

With a great performance the team managed to win an astonishing 14 Gold, 16 Silver and 8 Bronze medals. With an outstanding team score of 163 points Gurumu Taekwondo lifted the 1st Place Team Award.

The above result would not have been possible if it was not for our excellent coaching and championship management team. Let together thank the Gurumu coaches, Samy GuruNaidu (Head of Team), Harwinder Singh, Manikandan Renganathan, Pirabu Manickam. Also a big thanks to Sajidah Norat (Team Manager), Jayanthi Renganathan, Varnisha Maisuria, Geetha Narayanan and Karthika Narayanan for their excellent work in managing the team and the fights. Finally thank you to all the parents and supporters who come along on the day to show your support to the team.

Here are the full medal / fighter results:

1. Kajamugan Shanmuganathan
2. Thomas Doyle
3. Amarjyot Singh
4. Manminder Singh Bassi
5. Amrou Greenidge
6. Viroshan Gnanapandithan
7. Sandhya Balakrishnan
8. Siena Limbu Lingden
9. Neeleeny Nithirajah
10. Haytam Greenidge
11. Nikhil Fransis
12. Thomas Murphy
13. Thangaes Nithirajah
14. Sahar Ahmadi

1. Jashua Davey
2. Denis Neuman
3. Kaanthan Anbarasu
4. Shireen Mohammadi
5. Nithin Fransis
6. James Kulaisingham
7. Muazzam Ul-Hassan
8. Ershad Ahmadi
9. Callum Darling
10. Amratpal Singh
11. Hana Nakhuda
12. Marley Jay Angeli
13. Atar Singh Shergill
14. Humoon Afsardeir
15. Hary Sivakumar
16. Kane Atkinson

1. Michelle Saguan
2. Karna Joy
3. Tarunveer Sehmi
4. Shameer Yasin
5. Jake Thomas White
6. Andre Ali Ayobi
7. Vaisaly Gnanapandithan
8. Brandon Agullano

1. Jay Velu
2. Shaun Forde
3. Fahim Anjum

1. Anju Lama
2. Nisha Hajamohideen

14 Gold Medals Won
16 Silver Medals Won
8 Bronze Medals Won
42 Fighters
38 Medals Won
64 Fights Fought
41 Fights Won
64% of Total Fights Won
14 Knockouts
7 KO’s
7 Technical Knockouts
7 Sudden Deaths
3 Sudden Deaths Won


Well done and let the success continue.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Team Gurumu - London Open Championship

Gurumu's London Open Championship Team is now selected and the team members are listed below. The team will be competing on Sunday 5th October 2008 at Tooting Leisure Centre.


Peewee Boys Novice
1. Nithin Fransis
2. Jay Velu
3. Tarunveer Sehmi
4. Shameer Yasin
5. James Kulaisingham
6. Thomas Doyle
7. Muazzam Ul-Hassan
8. Karna Joy
9. Jake Thomas White
10. Ershad Ahmadi
11. Andre Ali Ayobi
12. Amarjyot Singh
13. Callum Darling
14. Manminder Singh Bassi
15. Amratpal Singh

Peewee Boys Advanced
16. Amrou Greenidge
17. Viroshan Gnanapandithan

Peewee Girls Novice
18. Neha Chakraborty
19. Sandhya Balakrishnan
20. Siena Limbu Lingden
21. Hana Nakhuda
22. Vaisaly Gnanapandithan

Peewee Girls Advanced
23. Neeleeny Nithirajah

Children Boys Novice
24. Haytam Greenidge
25. Nikhil Fransis
26. Thomas Murphy
27. Shaun Forde
28. Marley Jay Angeli
29. Fahim Anjum
30. Atar Singh Shergill

Children Boys Advanced
31. Humoon Afsardeir
32. Thangaes Nithirajah
33. Hary Sivakumar
34. Brandon Agullano
35. Kane Atkinson

Children Girls Novice
36. Anju Lama
37. Sahar Ahmadi

Junior Male Novice
38. Jashua Davey
39. Kajamugan Shanmuganathan
40. Denis Neuman

Junior Male Advanced
41. Kaanthan Anbarasu

Junior Female Advanced
42. Michelle Saguan

Senior Male Advanced
43. Gurami Ghambashidze

Senior Female Novice
44. Nisha Hajamohideen
45. Shireen Mohammadi


1. Samy GuruNaidu

1. Harwinder Singh
2. Pirabu Manickam
3. Manikandan Renganathan

1. Sajidah Norat


1. Jayanthi Renganathan
2. Varnisha Maisuria


1. Karthika Narayanan
2. Geetha Narayanan

Lets wish the entire team ALL THE BEST and lets hope they bring back home an impressive medal haul.