Thursday, 18 September 2008

The Birth of The Gurumu Blog

Dear Gurumu Members,

We have been going strong since 1993. We have been working very hard to develop our club and the quality of our club. If there is one thing that I can not compromise with, then that has to be the quality of the Taekwondo skills that I aim to achieve and maintain in Gurumu.

Quality and team work has been the aim of Gurumu since 1993 and this has been the focal point of our success in British Taekwondo. As a club and as a team Gurumu has won tons of Championships in Britain. As we have grown in strength we have failed to keep in line with the growing technological developments in the area of multimedia and communications.

Although I am a Computer Science graduate, I must admit it has never been my priority to involve information technology in Taekwondo but now I feel things need to change in the areas of club management, communication and the accessibility of information.

We are currently working hard on improving the ways in which information is being passed over to our club members. As our website is under construction and is due to be launched in the first quarter of 2009 we will be using the Gurumu Blog website to give regular club & taekwondo news updates, description of events and other development informations to our members and their parents.

Just like how we are strong in our Taekwondo, I want our club to also grow in line with the mordern age and the techological developments that we can easily access and use.

So here is the birth of the Gurumu Blog.

The Gurumu Blog will now be the main website from which you can get up to date club informations. It will also act as our club diary.

I hope the aim of the club blog serves its purpose and I really hope you find it interesting and useful.

Enjoy and train smart.


Mr. Sivakumar Renganathan, BSc (Hons)
Chief Intructor and Head Coach, 4th Dan

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yakbi11 said...

good luck with your goals,I belive that you taekwondo club can achive great things,cheers!!

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