Thursday, 18 September 2008

Gurumu Logo And Its Symbolism

The Gurumu logo consists of a triangular design with a jagged arrow head appended within this design, an eagle, three groups of stars and the globe. The entire design is composed of six colours, to signify the various elements of the complete martial artist.
With the triangular design of the Gurumu logo there are symbols to signify the various elements individually:

The Eagle: Signifies the defence of freedom and justice.

The Stars: Gurumu’s aim to produce martial artists of the highest quality.

The Globe: Signifies the Olympic status of Taekwondo and its worldwide recognition.

The overall design with the basic triangular shape signifies quality, accuracy and dedication. Meanwhile the appended jagged arrowhead signifies the veiled strength of the martial artist which if misused causes harm.

The inclusion of the six various colours in the Gurumu logo signifies the qualities of the martial artist.

Red: Signifies Self Defence

Yellow: Signifies Self Confidence

Gold: Signifies Self Discipline

Blue: Signifies Courage

Black: Signifies Athleticism

White: Signifies Meditation and Distinction

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