Monday, 10 November 2008

2nd Gurumu Star Training

Gurumu Star Training is open to all Gurumu students and is designed to give you a more focused, intensive and effective training approach, focusing entirely on the essence of Fitness, Sports and Traditional Taekwondo. It is very rare that all our centre members meet and train under one roof; this is an opportunity for all Gurumu members from all our centres to train together in a fun environment empowering each other to bring out your hidden talents. Trust me, on this day there will be plenty of opportunities to learn from each other.

The 2nd Gurumu Star Training will be a follow on session from the first one.

Date: Saturday 15th November 2008
Registration: 9.30am

Venue: Monega Primary School, Monega Road, Manor Park, London E12 6TT
Session Fees: £10.00 per person
Sessions Conducted By: Dr Samy Guru Naidu - 4th Dan and Mr Sivakumar Renganathan - 4th Dan

Below is the training schedule for the entire day:

9.30am to 10.00am – Door opens for registration
10.00am to 11.30pm – Training Session 1: Taekwondo Fitness Workout
11.30pm to 12.00pm – Break
12.00pm to 2.00pm – Training Session 2: Olympic Taekwondo & Fighting Training
2.00pm to 3.00pm – Lunch Break
3.00pm to 5.00pm – Training Session 3: Traditional Taekwondo, Exam Training & Self Defence

Please note the following:
1. Full Taekwondo uniform and belt are required.
2. Full equipments required.
3. Payment for the days training session must be made when registering in the morning or before hand.
4. Please ensure to arrive on time so that you do not miss any part of the training session.
5. Please ensure you bring plenty of fluid and pack lunch for yourself.
6. Parents and family are more then welcome to join us.

If you are competing at the London International Open Championship then this training sessions is not to be missed.


We will also have a small equipment stall where you can purchase taekwondo equipment. If you require any equipment then please let us know in advance so that we make sure we have your item in stock.

Look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.

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