Monday, 24 November 2008

News Update: 2nd Gurumu Star Training

The Gurumu Star Training Session was a whole days training session where we focus on three specific aspect of Taekwondo (Taekwondo Fitness, Olympic Taekwondo & Fighting Training and Traditional Taekwondo & Exam Training). It was also an opportunity for all our various Gurumu centre members to train together as this rarely happens.

The training day was a continuation from the first one back in September of this year. The theme of this session was improving fitness and taekwondo skills using the Team Work and Team Building concepts. Therefore a lot of fun games were used as tools to achieve the target goal of the day.

Every individual trained very hard and they should be extremely proud of themselves as the sessions were quite demanding and draining at times.

Congratulations to the following members who participated in the event.

Alison Gallagher
Kieran Gallagher
Conor Gallagher
Joe Gallagher
Jack Gallagher
Ershad Ahmadi
Sahar Ahmadi
Vignesh Rengaraj
Saima Uddin
Nadim Uddin
Shahmeer Khawaja Yasin
Shahryar Khawaja Yasin
Rahul Mohanadas
George Samuel White
Jake Thomas White
Banuja Raman
Manminder Singh Bassi
Denis Neuman
Amratpal Singh
Gurpreet Singh
Jaswinder Singh
Gurtej Singh
Varnisha Maisuria
Nikhil Fransis
Nithin Fransis
Usamah Hussain
Viroshan Gnanapandithan
Vaisaly Gnanapandithan
Muazzam Ul-Hassan
Amrou Greenidge
Andre Ali Ayobi
Youssef Yasine Lamaina
Hana Nakhuda
Haytham Greenidge
Siena Limbu Lingden
Tarunueer Sehmi
Anju Lama
Sandhya Balakrishnan
Rajveer Singh Chana
Karthika Narayanan
Sade Adeniran

There were also some prizes for individuals who put in a lot of effort in the various sessions. Congratulations to the following members for winning the Gurumu gift vouchers for Outstanding Effort.

Jaswinder Singh
From East Ham Junior Class

Jake Thomas White
From East Ham Junior Class

Amratpal Singh
From East Ham Junior Class

Alison Gallagher
From West Kensington Senior Class

Finally thank you to Pirabu Manickam, Harwinder Singh, Sade Adeniran and Karthika Narayanan for assisting at the various training sessions on the day. The date for the 3rd Gurumu Star Training Day will be announced as soons as the 2009 Gurumu Calendar is done.

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