Thursday, 11 December 2008

Imagine This By Sade Adeniran

Dear Gurumu Family,

I am extremely proud to announce the Sade Adeniran from West Kensington had been working extremely hard to publish her debut novel ‘Imagine This’.

They say that if opportunity doesn't knock, then build the door yourself and waltz on through. As many already know, Imagine This was turned down by publishers and agents, before being self-published.

Despite its humble roots in the obscurity of self-publishing, it has gone on to win the regional 2008 Commonwealth Writers Prize, best first book category. It has now been long listed for the World Book Day Campaign, Books to Talk About.

I know that many of the club members have read Sade’s book, including myself. Sade has worked extremely hard to get to where she and winning the regional 2008 Commonwealth Writers Prize just comes to show that her novel is not an ordinary one.

As Sade’s book has been long listed for the World Book Day, I feel that we truly should support our team mate and help her succeed in her dreams. All I ask you to do is to spread the word and click on the link below to vote and leave a comment if you've read her book and if you haven't then i suggest you buy one from either me or sade, read it then leave a comment.

Sade need everyone's help to get her book on to the short list, therefore please vote and lets prove that once in a while, the odds aren't always stacked against the ordinary person on the street.

Click on the link below:

"Helping others to succeed shows ones true passion for success."

Just IMAGINE if sade won the World Book Day prize. Come on you know what you need to do.

With Regards,

Sir Siva

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Sade said...

Thank you everyone for your support. It is highly appreciated. Thank you also for spreading the word and letting people know about Imagine This.