Tuesday, 9 December 2008

RESULTS: 2008 UTF London International Championship

Team Gurumu took part in the 12th UTF London International Championship on 30th November 2008. London based championships are normally well attended by Gurumu and this championship was no different.

A huge number of Gurumu members showed interest to compete and with a total of 44 fighters we set off to the Capital City Academy in Willesden - North West London.

The Team had great hopes in producing some very good results but many of Gurumu fighters were truly let down as they were either fighting in a higher weight or belt division, this was a big error made on behalf of the organisation team. Hands full of Gurumu Elite fighter were amongst this great disaster. After months of preparation and finishing off in top places at some major national championships, the UTF London Open did not do them any good what so ever.

Sir Siva was extremely angry and disappointed as he would have been happy for these fighters to have not fought if there were no players in their respective categories. As we all may have seen, Sir Siva spent a fair amount of time speaking to the officials and the organisation team about the wrongfulness of such action from a health and safety point of view.

Apart from all that went wrong, the team did exceptionally well even though they were mismatched. Some great fights were displayed by the Team which caught the eyes of the crowd.

The highlight of the day came from Harwinder Singh, who fought a heavy weight fighter from Dorset Taekwondo. Harwinder was half the size of his opponent but played an extremely brave and a smart fight. He finished all the rounds and gave his opponent a very hard match. Although Harwinder lost 9 – 5 in the finals, he walked away with a very proud Silver medal and caught the eyes of many officials.

Another Gurumu Fighter who caught the officials eyes were Amrou Greenidge from West Kensington. His amazing Taekwondo skills and focus for a 7 year old captured the referee’s attention and was award a Gold medal for the BEST FIGHTER of the tournament.

With an amazing 14 Gold, 12 Silver and 13 Bronze medals Gurumu did win the First Place Team award but Sir Siva refused to accept the team trophy due to all the wrongfulness that took place over the course of the day. Never the Gurumu are still the Championship who fights it all the way to the end.

Finally our club appreciation goes to all our coaches (Harwinder Singh, Pirabu Manickam and Manikandan Renganathan), our championship management team and all our parents and supporters.

Here are the full medals / fighters results:

1. Sahar Ahmadi
2. Kieran Gallagher
3. Vignesh Rengaraj
4. Kane Atkinson
5. Basharat Akhlaq
6. Sami Shori
7. Hana Nakuda
8. Vaislay Gnanapandithan
9. Gian Shori
10. Neeleeny Nithirajah
11. Sandhya Balakrishnan
12. Viroshan Gnanapandithan
13. Amrou Greenidge
14. Nikhil Fransis

1. Harwinder Singh
2. Elfred Carr
3. Gurpreet Singh
4. Anju Lama
5. Thangaes Nithirajah
6. Jake White
7. Haytham Greenidge
8. Rahul Mahanadas
9. Humoon Afsardeir
10. Shahmeer Yasin
11. Siena Limbu Lingden
12. Viroshan Gnanapandithan

1. Banuja Raman
2. Amratpal Singh
3. Manminder Singh
4. Conor Gallagher
5. Andre Ali Ayobi
6. Hary Sivakumar
7. Ershad Ahmadi
8. Shahryar Yasin
9. Muazzam Ul-Hassan
10. Jay Velu
11. Jaswinder Singh (Got a Gold Medal by the referee for bravery for fighting a black belt when he is only a white belt)
12. Nithya Govindaraj
13. Nithin Fransis

1. Joe Gallagher
2. Walid Bajjan
3. Thomas Murphy
4. Akash Raji

14 Gold Medals Won
11 Silver Medals Won
14 Bronze Medals Won
44 Fighters
39 Medals Won
64 Fights Fought
34 Fights Won
53% of Total Fights Won
15 Knockouts
2 Clear KO’s
13 Technical Knockouts
1 Sudden Death
1 Sudden Death Won

Well done everyone.

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